The Luxury Concierge Network team is led by its founder and CEO, Marcelo A. Rivero, who gathered a talented group of professionals with over 25 years of combined experience in the luxury residential, hospitality and lifestyle sectors. The pillars of our company are composed of world-class customer service standards, deep understanding of the concierge profession and a strong network of concierges, strategic partners and clients. Our team is the fuel behind this organization created for the luxury condominium community.

Marcelo Rivero Luxury Concierge Team

Marcelo Rivero

Founder & CEO
Jordi Ricart Luxury Concierge Team

Jordi Ricart

Managing Partner
Walter Duarte Luxury Concierge Team

Walter Duarte

Director of Concierge Operations
Anabel Junger Luxury Concierge Team

Anabel Junger

Sales and Business Development

The Luxury Concierge Network is an exclusive marketing, branding and sales platform connecting luxury brands, services and organizations with our network of concierge professionals, their residents and guests.

Throughout the years we have developed an extensive and solid network of partners, preferred vendors and contacts, including trusted service providers, fine-dining establishments and world renowned luxury brands. This network is available to our concierge friends.

Our LCN Concierge Assistant platform features a digital directory with a compilation of contacts and valuable information from our partners, organized by categories. Concierges from our network of luxury residential condominiums have their most needed contacts at their fingertips, in their computers at work, or in their mobile devices while on the go.